4 the Trade

We are 4 professional artists who work and live in the Bay Area. We would love to partner with you to complement your residential and commercial projects with high-quality, original fine art.


We offer the personalized service, creativity, and unique details that help you realize your vision with ease. Let us show you how our art is the finishing touch to your client’s space.


Utilizing a collaborative approach, Art4 executes innovative, creative artwork that fills in the blanks of your client’s space. Every step in our process ensures that all your specifications are met. Our work has artistic integrity and is created with the highest quality materials that will stand the test of time.


Your clients will be thrilled with their new spaces. We look forward to working with you soon!


Debbie, Rose, Ruth-Anne, & Rozanne
Art4 founders & professional artists

Meet Our Artists

Debbie Bakker

My realism revels in the tiny nuances that make our visual world so breathtaking – capturing those single moments of amazement and beauty that spark joy within us. My paintings intensify those stunning details, reflections and transparencies that are found in crystal and silver, and contrast with natural patterns and textures of fruit and florals. By enlarging the subjects, I hope to make it impossible to miss these moments of awe and joy.

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Rose Hagan

Color. Mood. Beauty. These are the forces that motivate me to create. While my subjects and media may vary, the common threads are the beauty of nature and the vibrancy of color. I draw inspiration from my travels, whether across the globe or around the neighborhood, and seek to represent empowering moments of beauty.

Ruth-Anne Siegel

My paintings are a translation of memory reflecting a time, place and imaginative interpretation. The image can be a recollection from my childhood or what I noticed at a stop sign yesterday. I layer my work with a palette of bright pinks, blues, purples and orange to compose the foundation of my paintings with circles, stripes, and a leaf-like shape over initial jewel-tone glazes. Living in California, I am constantly inspired by the bright sunlight, the ever-changing landscape, and year-round bold flowers whose colors inform my brightest paintings.

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Rozanne Hermelyn

Di Silvestro

I am drawn to the energy around me and from within my subjects I paint. Through minimalist compositions and sweeping paint strokes, I expose the vulnerable, spirited, and strong. My art captures the confidence of a sitting figure, the turbulence of a city crowd, and the passion of the inner self. Today, I find inspiration from life experiences and the incredible people that cross my path.

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